But my wife, poor woman, I feel so loved by my wife, and I love my wife so much. But sometimes I go, “Oh, how could she put up with me? ” Because I can be ” I’m still pretty miserable, you know, there’s still an angry guy in here somewhere. But I’ve learned to have a conversation with him and kinda live with him a bit, you know? You don’t change in psychotherapy; you learn what’s going on inside of you, and you learn how to sorta control it.

replica bags australia FrontpageWhat’s OnFood DrinkThings to do in DerbyHide Burger Bar and Bean Caffe team to open FOURTH caf in Derby this summerSarah and Olivia Pritchard tell us the secrets of their successWhat do you get if you put a mum and daughter together to start a business? One successful caf, swiftly followed by several more in the case of Sarah and Olivia Pritchard!Eight years after opening the Bean Caffe in Derby’s Friar Gate Studios, Sarah and Olivia are proving that the simple but vital formula of good food and good service is the lifeblood of the caf world and are on the verge of opening their FOURTH establishment in the city.The mum and daughter duo started up Bean Caffe after Sarah was made redundant from her job in housing and Olivia gave up university where she was training to be a science teacher.”I had a background in catering and had studied hotel management at Buxton and at Norwich, then worked in hotels and restaurants for most of my life,” explained Sarah, 55. “I had opened a bistro in Derby but then had my kids and ended up working in sales and marketing for a housing firm.”(Image: Alex Cantrill Jones / ACJ Media)Olivia was at university but already having doubts over whether she’d chosen the right path when Sarah was made redundant, and the two of them hit on the idea of opening a caf.”I had pretty much decided I was going to do it but was really pleased that Olivia was going to come and work with me it took some of the pressure off!” joked Sarah.Eight great coffee shops near you in and around Derby”I told my husband I was doing it and he said, no you’re not but we did it anyway!”The pair admit they are very similar and say this did cause some friction at the beginning of their working relationship.(Image: Alex Cantrill Jones / ACJ Media)”We knew we wanted to serve good food, local produce and do it well, but it was difficult working together at first,” said 27 year old Olivia. “We are very alike and were both trying to be louder than the other but now we’ve worked out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we play to that.”I do the financial side of things and mum does the operational side of things and it works.”A long standing customer at Bean Caffe recently remarked on the close working relationship YOURURL.com between the two, not knowing they are mother and daughter.(Image: Alex Cantrill Jones / ACJ Media)”When I told her, she said everything just clicked she could tell we were close because of the banter and synergy between us, and that was really nice to hear,” said Sarah. replica bags australia

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