As memories came back it’s gotten a lot worse. I go to therapy 4 days a week to work through them, but it’s incredibly difficult. I get anxiety just from the thought of wondering what more memories will surface. My other considerations so far are: Thursday Boot Co Duchess, Vagabond Amina Chelsea and Vagabond Kenova Chelsea. Frye would be at the upper limit of my price range but willing to invest in a good pair. Do they ever go on sale? Also open to other suggestions!!.

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canada goose uk black friday The only other potential downside is the shutter is loud as shit on the a6000. The 6300 has optional electronic shutter mode, as does the 6500 and 6400 I believe. The real built in shutters aren leaf shutters though, which is what makes the GR so quiet if you trying to get candids and that your main style.. canada goose uk black friday

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