The MVP of my GP Kyoto experience was Integrity // Intervention. Yes, I did win 4 matches with lightning helix, but the true MVP is Integrity. One of the biggest weaknesses of Hero deck is it relies on key creatures like Hero, Judith, or Tajic surviving to snowball advantage during our slide style play.

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canada goose uk outlet Fun car chase! Unfortunately, I sat through those first few moments, just wondering when Bond had time to change his suit.Seriously, such a simple continuity thing they could have easily gotten right, if they just watched the first damn movie!One of the greatest accolades for an actor in my mind, especially someone generally loved as a person among those who know them, is the ability to be absolutely hated as a character they portray or otherwise be thoroughly “evil” in character convincingly.Prince Humperdinck and especially Count Rogan from The Princess Bride come to mind as easily accessible examples both Sarandon and Guest are wonderful people by all accounts and their characters are in very different ways so immensely hatable. It’s fantastic. The invested, enjoys his work career villain from the Prince (Sarandon) and the dispassionate, calculating, purely in it for the “science” Count (Guest).Tom Felton and Jack Gleeson come to mind as well for examples people might ( but certainly shouldn’t) be more familiar with1 as Draco Malfoy and Prince/King Joffrey Baratheon respectively. canada goose uk outlet

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