WWF said plastic is one of the greatest threats to marine life and has killed at least five other whales that had ingested large amounts of it over the last two years from Europe to Asia.Last month, a starving whale was found beached in the Philippines with 40 kilos of plastic rubbish in its stomach. It was described as one of the worst cases of poisoning local environmental groups had seen.In November, a dead sperm whale washed ashore in eastern Indonesia with 115 plastic cups, plastic bags and two pairs of thongs later found in its stomach.While in early 2018, a juvenile sperm whale washed up on a Spanish beach with nearly 30 kilograms of plastic in its stomach.Another sperm whale died off the Italian island of Ischia, near Naples, last December with plastic bags and a thick nylon thread in its stomach, but plastic was not the cause of death.The whale is lifted up onto a truck after being recovered off Sardinia island, Italy. Picture: SEAME Sardinia OnlusSource:APThe World Wildlife Foundation is sounding the alarm over plastics in the Mediterranean Sea.

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