TJ was a controversial decision away from being 8 1 vs legit UFC level competition with a huge win vs Assuncao.Obviously it easier to it canada goose wasn a huge upset this long after it happened, but yeah it wasn anywhere near as much of an upset as it was reported to be and if one judge scored one round differently (even just to match the fan and media consensus) then the odds would have been way closer.It more of an example of how little we knew as a community about certain guys. Barao was amazing but basically had just beaten Faber and a few “contenders” that wouldn even be top 5 10 in the current division. She is a big draw in her home town of Albuquerque, having all but three of her fights there and just one of her fights outside of her home state of New Mexico.In June 2008 she became the undisputed welterweight champion and holder of belts from 140 to 154 by defeating former champ Mary Jo Sanders by decision.

buy canada goose jacket If the number is an identifier of some kind, then it makes sense for it to be optional nil is a good default. If it something like upvotes then it should default to 0 and not be optional.Obviously, I not saying everything needs a default. I saying I should be able to provide one where I know I need to. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Mash temperature is fine at 150 152, depending on what your given recipe software says your FG will be. This is a dry style so 1.008 1.010 is where you want to hit. Ferment it cool as well so as to restrain any ester production by the yeast, it’s a very clean fermentation style. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose (Minor personal issue tbh).Holding a button for everything, please just let me tap F for doors/loot. Also holding X for ages when recal/crafting.Being able to kick people after mission is done or right before it done, making people miss out on their loot.Stash isn big enough. Also needs better options for sorting gear mods.No timers on chests. canada goose

canada goose clearance It has been a while since I graduated university, but I remember the first MIS programming class was COBOL; one of our assignments was to code the logic of a pop vending machine. In C++, much of our work seemed to relate to sorting lists of numbers. In our operations management class (misleading title; it was mostly application of statistics), we had a project in which we were tasked with improving the operations of a local business. canada goose clearance

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uk canada goose outlet (again, just an example). So, that should be happening within the ten years for sure (their time line, of course). SpaceX also is planning to start launching to Mars, although that probably a lot less fleshed out. I had that same issue with USPS, down to not having an ID with updated address. (They didn even try to deliver it because my name wasn posted inside the mailbox yet )They refused to give me my package even with showing a power bill, so I brought my rental/ lease agreement in. The counter worker still wouldn release it but the manager was like and let me have it, said the counter worker should have released it uk canada goose outlet.

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