It’s so crazy to me that as we advance in tech and make things easier and better for humans, it’s viewed as coddling or “pussy” behavior. Like, Sorry Karen I don’t want to drink out of a fucking hose that sits outside where the dog pees, bugs shit, and dirt grows. Sorry I don’t want to go to the DMV and stare at the fucking white wall and do nothing instead of looking at my phone.

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canadian goose jacket How important is it to you to have the convenience of the bucket infant seat? The Vista comes with a bassinet that can be used for newborns, so an infant car seat isn’t absolutely mandatory you could go straight to a convertible car seat which you’d have to purchase within the next year anyway. The convenience is nice especially in the early days, you could just pick up the whole seat, sleeping baby and all, and go wherever you need to go. That said canadian goose jacket.

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