An additional $35 million is being reserved for digital ads aimed at bolstering Clinton’s coalition of black, Latino and younger voters. The group says they could go on the air sooner, if the dynamics of the race change. Emily’s List, an advocacy organization that backs female Democratic candidates, has hired a New York ad agency to help market to millennial voters, a group that Clinton has struggled to win over in the primaries.

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Cheap Jerseys china For the sake of this brief explanation, let’s fuck the broken windows and get straight to the reason so many students were compelled to protest Milo Yiannopoulos’ event. From the outset, marginalized student communities have been extremely vocal about the violent impact of Yiannopoulos’ appearances and his consistent abuse of platforms. He was banned from Twitter for “participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.” He outed a trans woman during an appearance at UW Milwaukee, an act that placed this individual’s life in danger Cheap Jerseys china.

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