His claim that Republicans the senate is at best mixed truth. They picked up 2 seats but the election map was heavily in their favor with only a couple vulnerable republican seats vs like 26 vulnerable Democrat seats. Only picking up 2 compared to a normal midterm where they be expected to pick up 8 9 or more isn much to brag about.

uk canada goose Al Jubeir: I believe one of our officials has in the law enforcement and intelligence area, and we have asked the Turks to provide us with a copy of it so we can do voice recognition and we can do forensics and establish for certainty who the voices on the tape are, but we have yet to receive a copy. Officials have told journalists that the CIA assessment is that the crown prince gave the order to kill Jamal Khashoggi. Was an adviser to the crown prince. uk canada goose

canada goose black friday sale The greyscale is obvious: it made JonCon impatient to get to Westeros so he could see Griffin Roost and die in battle before he became a stoneman. But also, the Shrouded Lord may have talked Tyrion into, or, subconsciously manipulated Tyrion into telling Aegon not to go to Daenerys. He tells him that his own claim is stronger and he shouldn trust his aunt (IIRC), which is a little odd considering Tyrion, now an exile, would benefit from being backed by an unstoppable united Valyrian cause. canada goose black friday sale

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uk canada goose outlet Not in New Jersey, and I don work for the Feds, I am an employee of my State Dept of Health. The vast majority of these surveys are done by State employees, but there are federal teams who go around doing spot checks to follow up on what the State teams do.The article isn clear about whether the inspection that led to this article was done by the State team or the Federal.I found the 2567 Report (survey results report, they all publicly available) from that time period (this report was done for a survey in Nov of 2018) and there are no “holy shit” citations on it. So I wondering if a followup survey was done, which ID these issues, and the report hasn been published yet (they can take a few months to be published, especially if the facility appeals the findings).Anyway, if you read the report I link, you see letters under each citation number on the left hand column. uk canada goose outlet

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