Continued work on the Interstate 405 ramps near the Fremont Bridge includes an all hours/days closure of the I 405 northbound ramp to North Kerby Avenue. Monday, July 1. Saturday, June 28. Consumed by bad memories, I guess?If the game had taken more time to explain how, and why she grew from one extreme to the other, her character could have been truly great. And I would have easily welcomed her as one of my favourite characters of all time.But as it stands right now, I can help but raise a few eyebrows when I see people acting like she is way better than any other villain who came before her, when the only things she got going over Rei are 1) her attractiveness 2) her buildup in earlier chapters, having a mysterious villain hiding in the shadows was kinda cool, although I say Anonydeath and Mr.I think the thing with Kurome is, yes, they could have gone more in depth, but they explained enough that you don need it, it a luxury that could have made her a better villain than she already was. She just a well intentioned (if misguised) diplomat banding people together.

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