I am going with drugs. The quick timeline for the money, the not paying his rent since at least january, that super fucking crazy live where they are trying every which way to get that money. My favorite was when he played the family cancer card and said how his whole family is buried here.

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uk canada goose At Ragnar. We were getting out of an LMTV at Camp Darby after a long day of nature walks and its like 0200. I was the SL and so I got off and was making sure dudes got their SI ready for inspection. 4 points submitted 18 hours agoTo have lived through the last two years and vote Republican in 2020, or not vote, you might as well say: “yep I think child prison immigration camps where ice can sexual molest as they please is right”, “I think the sitting president should call on domestic terrorists to kill opposition”, “I think literally cheating in elections is not just okay but actually what we should do”A lost cause is literally nicer than any thing I would ever call a Republican after the last 2 years.I literally vote for anyone before another Republican. That not hyperbole, there no Republican that could gain enough of my trust to earn my vote for the next 25 years at least, and even then I probably still remember 2016 2020 and for “naw, fuck yourself”and vote for whomever else is runningsimplyshaun 1 point submitted 1 day agoThe could do it just like the Canadian system. Determining market value on this stuff is easy, the actuarial tables already exist and are already used by every health insurance company.And yes the system is so broke in regards to pricing right now, that I absolutely trust a government employee to determine a fair and profitable market value uk canada goose.

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