While Roger favors the glassed in dining area, Jeannie’s favorite part of the house remains the living room. Even https://www.uncanadagooseoutlet.ca though it’s part of the original house, it, too, has undergone a transformation. Rich Brazilian koa flooring adds warmth, as does the fireplace, which is on its third surround.

Canada Goose sale Yesterday I went to the playground and there were about a half dozen dogs there. A walk down main street meant dodging huge dogs every few feet. Walked into the plant nursery and a dog snapped at my child, but I was informed the dog was a greeter. Bring a gang to explore the scope of the menu, enhanced with floppy flatbread cooked in clay ovens. Every meal is better with toum, a wicked whip of garlic, lemon and olive oil, and a dessert of almond pudding topped with apricot and pistachios. The tables are too small to fit everything you order, and your ears might regret coming here. Canada Goose sale

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