They looking for opportunities to break off like Bege did with Big Mom. Put em to work, get what value you can out of them and act in the future accordingly. Small win for Kaido.B2. Yeah, I mean I could definitely see how you would do it, but I love a lot of the sound, there are a lot of decent audio cues for a number of fights/mechanics so you are definitely at a bit of a handicap, but it is easy enough to overcome but I was just thinking about my soulrend build right now that frequently kills things a screen or two away and that “sposh” sound for a volatile projectile is really useful to know I will be having a flame ball showing up soon (heck with soulrend I can even always be sure which direction it will come from :)This is the first league they had this many hits, but I think they tried to do so in the past. It probably why the Steel skills didn get any. Off the top of my head, Sunder/EQ got MTX fairly quickly and they were really popular on release.

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