Derby man arrested in connection with Alvaston road rage attackA driver was seriously assaultedLondon Road was partially blocked until officers recovered a blue Ford Fiesta vehicle believed to have been involved, which was located close to Trinity Street.A 29 year old man from Derby was arrested in London Road; however, he has since been released without charge.Derbyshire Live reported on Friday that a 37 year old man from Derby, was arrested in connection with the incident.Officers continued enquiries over the weekend and arrested a further man, aged 26 and from Derby. Both of these men have been released on police bail.Read MoreTop stories from AlvastonPolice are appealing for witnesses to come forward. Anyone with any information that can help detectives with their enquiries should get in contact immediately, either directly with the police, or via Crimestoppers, quoting reference 19290306 in any correspondence.Officers are particularly keen to hear from anyone who may have been driving in the area at the time of incident and may have dashcam footage.

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