I had several people over the last few days mention something in chat along the lines of “that fire chem is sweet”. I don mean to sound like some kind of pretentious hipster (although I understand that I probably completely do), but I tend to really enjoy intentionally skipping metas and trying to find a way to make off meta stuff synergize well. If people think it terrible, I probably want to test it a bunch.

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buy canada goose jacket Basically, every time they die, they leave a little piece of themselves behind and fate won’t let them escape death forever. It’s also a good reason for adventurer NPCs to have retired before they themselves reached the absolute height of power. I have ONE specific die that is used solely for Resurrection rolls and trust me when you actually factor in the role play and checks made to increase/decrease the DC and think of the PC and the gods being involved in the resurrection it quickly adds tension buy canada goose jacket.

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