I also been experimenting with a Fill Up holster reloading from empty refills all your magazines. So I have a 120 round M60 and a 700+ RPM, 20 round shortmag FAL. I swap to the FAL and speed dump the mag to a 2.5s reload, and just like that, M60 is back to 120 rounds..

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Canada Goose Parka Whatever it is that you enjoy doing enough that you actually do, then do it. If it running, great. If it not, if you can find any activity that works your heart and you enjoy it, then do that.. Either he stops asking for oral sex permanently, or it’s over. And by the way if receiving oral sex is NOT a trigger for you, i hope you don’t feel like you never get to have it again just bc someone violated you in a different way. There are a million men in the world who would love to have mutually fulfilling and non ptsd inducing sex with their partners. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose uk black friday I pretty new to MTGO, Pauper and Reddit so I don know if someone tried something like this before. What do you people think?I glad you like the thread. Your thinking mirrors my own in making this thread. People at least had to slow down before trying to mow down any peds crossing. A three way stop there also wouldn be a bad idea, not only because crosswalks, but also because it a bit of blind spot for people trying to turn left to go up the hill. There are simply too many condos for the amount of street parking canada goose uk black friday.

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