The lava has already destroyed 600 homesLava from the Kilauea volcano paints Hawaii’s normally crisp, blue skies orange when viewed near the Pahoa neighborhoodHawaii National Guard soldiers were spotted stopped near Pahoa while examining the lava flow covering the road FridayScientists say that the lava’s impact on local marine life will be seen in major ways.’On the shoreline, the differences will be night and day,’ Frank Samsone, a professor of oceanography at UH Manoa, told KHON.’What used to be a lush productive environment with hot pools and animals of all different kinds, it’s going to be either a black sand beach or a cliff.’In addition, Samson noted that when lava which emits sulfur dioxide and hydriodic acid mixes with water, it changes the acidity in the water. If the acidity changes enough, it could have adeleterious effect on sensitive marine life, which would either leave the area or stay away from it in the future.In addition, when lava meets water, it sheds tiny, glassy particles into the water, which Samsone said would be harmful when passing through animals with gills.Samsone said that it could take hundreds of years for the marine life to return to the state it was in prior to the volcano eruption.Lava from the Kilaeua volcano can be seen flowing into the Pacific Ocean near Kapoho Bay and Vactionland on the Big Island. Scientists said that the lava flow’s impact on the local marine life could be felt for decades, if not a centuryA satellite image from June 3, capturing the slow advance of the lava over land and towards the ocean.

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