Lucid dreams are amazing when you have one. When I become aware I am dreaming, I start meticulously examining up close the details and textures of the objects and things in my dreams, the wood grain of the cabinets, the color and patterns of carpet, floor tiles, ornate designs on furniture, scratched words or names on a school locker, the hundreds of individual detailed leaves blowing in the wind, and the long orange shadows of a setting sun, or hundreds of snowflakes falling. The details are so vivid and realistic, it makes me half wonder if my brain is really creating all this detail so perfectly or there is something else going on.

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buy canada goose jacket The implications? At one level, a politics based on team loyalty ceases to serve political purposes. It may be entertaining to those who find democratic decline a hoot but it makes the building of working coalitions to confront specific problems more difficult. Anyone who wishes to cooperate with elements on the other side on, say, education reform, or health care reform, or entitlement reform is viewed as giving aid and comfort to the enemy buy canada goose jacket.

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