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fake hermes belt vs real GSAs do not just change lives, they save them. Government legislation should at the very minimum seek to do no harm. Bill 8 will remove important protections and increase risk impacting the health and well being of all students. BT and gf with ss have no real place in the current meta imo.Missing heavy blow (siren), and tenacity (????)Rockno with revite should be pretty badass too.I would put Pixie back, she still one of the better snipers.GF over HBK for bw imo, and demote Vlad ( he a dead hero ATM)GS is probably too high up for SS, yes she great with it for GW defence, but other heroes with SS become core progression heroes ( DD/Mike/ GH)Another thing to note is that you have listed Anubis with almost every talent. Yes the hero works for them, but at the end of the day progression wise you have to have an Anubis with bw/wg, and sinking fame into anything else is probably a mistake.molt/pk argument has a few facets, and I seen people say molt is still rpeferred in IS1. Molt is another one where you want to make the most of him given you spent money for him, so giving him a top talent makes some people feel more justified in spending money.I have already dropped GF off the SS list fake hermes belt vs real.

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