I haven bought Matt Colville Strongholds and Followers yet, but I recall seeing a sneak peek that there existed a tailor NPC somewhere in the book, so I wouldn be surprised if there already a barber there as well. Still, I like the version I came up with, and I hoping it hits the right balance between being someone useful to a party throughout their campaign. I suppose you could always make higher level versions with bigger bonuses to the Charisma checks, but I can really imagine what a CR 20 barber would look like.

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canada goose uk shop Glyphs were the shit back then and Cata was ridiculous with the Maelstrom Crystals that were sold for 2k per piece. I bought the first Sandstone Drake on my realm, I knew how to make gold with other things than Dailies and using specific addons.But Pandaria? I sitting on 80k gold, I probably had 200k the whole addon (aaven really played the addon tho, 6 months in total on and off).I was just saying dailies as something that if you didn want to do anything else you could do that.But like I said, farming Townlong even for a couple hours a day is an easy 5k+ a day, the pets down in Dread Wastes sell for anywhere from 750 1500 apiece depending on server, you can craft epics or vanity items for people (at the beginning of the xpac a full cogged Ghost Iron Dragonling was 500g apiece for like 50g worth of mats, for example). Gems are great if you don have someone botting (my server did, they immediately undercut you for 1s no matter what time it was), etc, etc.I never used Auctioneer, and if you want to buy/sell shit sure, but if you just want to make money? Not even necessary. canada goose uk shop

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