This sensitizes the skin so that new contact with urushiol causes an allergic reaction. In some areas of the country (East, Midwest, and South), poison ivy grows as a vine. Each poison ivy leaf has three leaflets.. First thing when you walk into a room, are you choosing to fear what they are going to do as a response to what you want to do? Then you going to walk into the room, searching their faces, already placing value on what they are thinking, and you will choose your first action based on what you conclude they already think of you. Otherwise you walk into a room, disregard their perception of you, and choose your first action based on what you would like to do, and fearlessly surprise them, changing their perception of you in your own time instead of being contained within the box of their current perception of you. It is the difference between being trapped by their perception or being in control of altering the trajectory of their perception.

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